1. The college achieved excellence in various field of education.
  2. Performance in post Graduate Entrance Examination conducted by various education Institute.
  3. No. of students qualify in CET-ICAR = 86
  4. No. of students qualify in CET-MCEAR = 91
  5. For PG in various university of Maharashtra =42
  6. No. of students how have admitted for MBA=39
  7. No. of students how have admitted for ABM=22
  8. No. of students how have admitted for MBM=12
  9. No. of  JRF Scholar students =4

Sport and Cultural

of Students selected for job through Placement Cell Report from 2009-2011

Sr. No.

Reg. No.

Name of Student

Present Job Place


PRB 03A07B

Bhole Vikas Maroti

Mahyco company


PRB 05A33B

Joshi Prasadkumar Anilkumar

Mahyco company


PRB 04A89 B

Vinchurkar Amol Jagdish

Mahyco company


PRB 06A25 B

Gaikwad Vinayak Pandhrinath

Bayer Chemicals


PRB 04 A17B

Gaikwad Sachin Radhakisan

Bayer Chemicals


PRB 04 A08 B

Bobade Mukund Sudhakar

Bayer Chemicals


PRB 04 A38 B

Kothule Vinod Panditrao

Syangta Seeds


PRB 05 A74B

Sartape Atul Shrimant

Syangta Seeds


PRB 05 A33B

Joshi Prasadkumar Anilkumar

Syangta Seeds


PRB 05 A26B

Ishi Himaunsh Gulabrao

ATMA , Jalgoan


PRB 05 A25B

Housalmal Nitin Hiralal

ATMA , Jalgoan


PRB 03A 71B

Ikker Ramesh Trimbakrao

ATMA ,Hingoli


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